Geek Cast Live S2E32: Punch A Cop, Jay: The MPW Takeover


This week on Geek Cast live, the Geek Cast crew take a vacation. We started our journey with a flight to Angmar, where Ry near fell into a spider’s daycare. After a few hellish days, we decided to base-jump off of that building that Tom Cruise jumped off of in the less terrible Mission Impossible movie. Nic, it turns out is too tall for parachutes. Firstly, let’s address the fact that there are height limits on parachutes. Just think about that for a minute… I mean, weight limit? Sure, I get that, but you must be shorter than this height to be saved from falling to certain death from anything that could drop you at such a vertical distance? Kinda crazy, man. Anyway, Joe at some Smeagols and Bass started a party in the hardware aisle in the Narnian Walmart Supercenter, so this episode is kind of out of control. God speed, Spider-Man, and enjoy this episode of Geek Cast Live.

We’d like to give a special shout out to our awesome friends over at Movie Podcast Weekly. It was a big thing that we did with this podcast take over, and we couldn’t be more proud of them carrying the geek torch. Even you, Andy. Another shout out to the guests of this episode, Mattroid and Station over at The Sci-Fi Podcast. We loved you on the show, and look forward to seeing more of you two in the future.

Dubstep Outro: The Dave Eaton Element – “Meho”

Special Mentions:
Loopin’ Louie
Taco Bell (Ryan will be forwarding the tacos after this show is aired)
Sound & Vision Magazine, “The only magazine for more holes than just your eyeholes.”

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