Geek Cast Live S2E38: The Cubonic Plague


This week the Geek Cast crew are down a member due to a devastating and widespread virus. Nic, Bass, and Cartoon Joe hold down the fort talking everything from beer, to League of Legends, to Nic’s previous experiences as a cross dressing archmage. Or maybe it was cross classing…

This weeks bit of bass: Tut Tut Child – Dragon Pirates

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2 thoughts on “Geek Cast Live S2E38: The Cubonic Plague”

  1. Whaddup guys
    Thanks for the mini-segment on beers. Nico im in the midwest…SW suburbs of Chicago. Im actually headin to New Glarus then Madison on the 24th for some drunken revelry so ill definitely check out Central Waters. Might be too late for their Octoberfest…we’ll see. I gotta say i was a bit disappointed with New Glarus’ Octoberfest. But they got plenty other yummy things to keep me happy. 🙂 And Joe thanks for the heads up on Guiness blonde i’d always thought it was prob a bottle of piss, but was always intrigued by it and it was good to get confirmation on that. Some thoughts on naming the segment….GeekCastLibe-ations (for the pan-booze segment)…Cruisin’ for Brewsin…and…What’s Your Liver Been Geekin’ On? Those are top o my head…now that im re-readin them they all suck, just thought id try to chip in. 🙂 Great show fellas. Later

  2. Ok, so I thought about it some more…whoever knows these dudes should get Jay from Clerks, and the big bulked up dude from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and call the segment Brews and Booze with Mewes and Crews. But I really like calling it Brews, Booze and Roos and talking about beer, liquor and everyone’s favorite Walter Payton-endorsed sneakers from the 80s. That’s my final answer. 🙂

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