Geek Cast Live S2E37: Coming Down With A Bad Case of the Nuptials

This week the Geek Cast crew talk about Nic catching the nuptials, while Joe and Ry witnessed. We follow that up with a classic Stalk & Talk with the birthday boy himself, K-Man. Then, to round out the absurdity we play a game of Million Dollars But… It was a short lived game.

Bass Music of the Week: Fox Stevenson – Endless

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2 thoughts on “Geek Cast Live S2E37: Coming Down With A Bad Case of the Nuptials”

  1. Man! I love a good Captain Planet reference. Excellent. Boy, did that show have the best villans, or what? Duke Nukem, Verminous Skumm….that pig-dude? Awesome. Holy crap….dig this…

    Top two band names to come out of this episode (no particular order):
    Hulk Jizz
    Rectum Papercut (I like this one, but want to add Bandaid to it, I think it has a nice ring to it)
    Plenty others that I’m sure I’ve overlooked. 🙂

    Have you guys seen the Bob’s Burgers ep about bronies and their convention and parties? It’s fantastic.

    Someone with mad printing skills needs to make an official GCL Bingo Card. Or you guys should kickstart it. I’d totally contribute. Then you guys could sell it to raise cash for cool stuff.

    PS – My boss (dude from the 60s/70s) will fight you guys over the merits of Genesis, but early-Peter-Gabriel-driven-Genesis. He says ‘Selling England’ and ‘Lamb Lies Down’ are two of the best things ever. I think he huffs too much paint.

    PPS – I’m really can’t wait for American Horror Story: Season 9: Upscale Enema House. 🙂

    Great show fellas. Later.

    1. Bass here! Upscale Enema House is honestly the American Horror Story we’ve all been waiting for. Jessica Lange’s last minute reunion will be all the rage, I’ve no doubt. That’s an awesome idea, what with the Bingo Cards and all. I’d love to see that be a thing. We’ve also tossed around ideas for music festival t-shirts for our fake festival and bands. Lo-Chill Fest 2k16! Thanks for the comment, my man! Geek on and geek harder!

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