Geek Cast Live S2E39: The Brew-ding Barstow Bantercast


Hey guys, this week the Geek Cast crew do some shout outs and suggested segments sent in by you, the guest! We talk everything from witchbeasts to slow gin, beer, and League of Legends. For our main segment we are joined by our friend at “Vinyl Me, Please,” Tyler Barstow. We talk music, video games, alcohols, poor life choices, and how Father John Misty is still probably one of the greatest things to happen to Rob Bass. Enjoy.

Bedroom Bass: Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On ft. MØ (Kovalenco Gennadi & Vlad Gorban Classic Remix)

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One thought on “Geek Cast Live S2E39: The Brew-ding Barstow Bantercast”

  1. Hey fellas
    Nico, I believe that Awful White Russian you’re referring to, milk and Seagram’s Gin with a dash of oatmeal, is called a Putin….hey-ohhhh!!!!
    Anyway, thanks for all the beer talk. Definitely a ton of great suggestions. I’ll try to heed as many as I can. I agree about Spotted Cow…it’s alright. At first it had something special to it because it wasn’t readily available to me, but the more I’ve had it, the more I think it’s just alright. It’s like Yeungling. When out east, I need to have one or two, but when I really get down to it, it’s just average. For me Moon Man and Fat Squirrel are yummy. For pumpkins, I feel like you do about Octoberfests. I’m sick of them and see them as a novelty everyone feels they have to do. My sister-in-law, however, loves all things pumpkin and says the New Glarus one is shite, but the Stevens Points pumpkin is yummy. I’m starting to dabble in brown liquors and my current go-to is Makers46, which I only get because it seems like a decent deal at CostCo. Normally, tho, I’m all over some Jameson or Bushmills, or any Irish whiskey, really. Rob, I’m definitely on the look-out for some The Knot now, thanks.
    Sidenote – ‘Puddle Of My Own Piss’ is the name of one of the chapters in my memoirs…..and it’s a doozy. 🙂
    Oh, Nico, I’m a bozo, I was under the impression that you wanted a name for a beer segment. Here’re my suggestions for a mail bag segment….Crazy Cacophonic Cornucopia of Commenters’ Quips. That might be too much, but I was high on alliteration this fine Monday morning. My other idea is to have some cheery, SeasameStreet-like, Leave It To Beaver-esque, 40s-50s music playing in the background as someone announces, “Now let’s go hang out on Commenters’ Corner.” That might be lame, not sure, in my head it sounds funny. 🙂
    Ry, my suggestions on full-listen albums are:
    De Stijl – White Stripes
    Saudade – Thievery Corp.
    Abbey Road – The Beatles
    I’m sure we all could go on and on with classic album listens. For me, I could sub in just about any Beatles or Zep album. If you want something that might be new to you, check out my namesake’s first two albums. Gomez (the band)’s first two are ‘Bring It On’ and ‘Liquid Skin’ and I think they’re nice. They’re from the late 90’s, but I think they hold up well, at least for me.
    Rob, nice Major Lazer track. I love their tune with the chick from Dirty Projectors, it’s dope, and it’s good to hear more good stuff from ML, especially a sweet remix.
    Anyway, another great show fellas, and I’d love to do a Stalk-n-Talk sometime. I’ve come down with something this weekend, so I currently feel like a bag o’ beat-up dicks, but I’ll shoot you guys an email with personal info to rap about stuff in the future. I think it’d be a riot.

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