Geek Cast Live S2E33: Civil Wars and Blood Magic

imageAfter the long, and brutal, reconquest of the Geek Cast Live podcast, the Geek Cast crew immediately turn their bloodlust onto each other. A raging debate ensues over Marvel’s Civil War, and Bass is forced to resort to blood magic. Traitors are afoot, revenge is upon the horizon, and most importantly… Fantasy Football is here.

Little Bit of Bass: Ghosts (Zomboy Remix) – Delta Heavy

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One thought on “Geek Cast Live S2E33: Civil Wars and Blood Magic”

  1. Hey guys…love the podcast…I came over from MPW…I’m the dude that wants my parents to adopt Pyles.

    I enjoyed the discussion on registering supes…and I dig the comment relating it to gun registration, but then I think, what good would it do? I know in the comic world the only thing coming outta registering supes is that we’ll know where they are when we wanna round ’em up and throw ’em into camps with clamps on their necks de-powering them. At least in every dystopian future in a mutant book that’s what’s happenin, but if there weren’t going to be terrible camps, I wonder what the good of registration would be. If someone’s got the power to level a city, it doesn’t seem like registering would stop them. I’m sure there’s more to the thought than I’m putting time to, but it’s a good debate. Also, I always can’t wait to hear from Cartoon Joe about any and all cartoons and this ep I thought, hmmm, kinda quiet. But what a great redemptive reference dropping the ‘Sports, Go, Sports!’ line!! Dopeness. I try my best to get Garfunkle and Oats out to the people, but no one listens. I about peed myself with that sports number. Some people think I’m talking about Broad City, but I’m not.

    PS – One of my homies and several people I work and have worked with are in the Downers Grove (I’m in the Orland Park). I’ve had a copious amount of pints at the Ballydoyle on several occasion. If you guys (and girls) ever congregate there, and are up for meeting interweb weirdos that want their parents to adopt you, well, then the first shots are on me. 🙂

    PPS – I hear discussion about reds from time to time and for me, my money’s on just about anything under $8 at Trader Joes.

    PPPS – sorry if this is too much for a comment….prob shoulda been an email.

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