Geek Cast Live S2E34: Plenty of Love: A Harebrained Tale


This week the Geek Cast crew are reunited with our good friend, and elected supreme king for life at Harebrained Schemes, Mitch Gitelman. In the opening segment our geeky ensemble discuss the Apple Event, and the latest in mobile tech. Joe expresses disdain for things, and Bass is pleasantly, but only slightly, overwhelmed. During the main segment we talk to Mitch about the latest undergoings for Harebrained Schemes. We start with their latest projects; the nefarious and hilarious dungeon delver, Necropolis, and the soon to be launched Kickstarter for Battletech! We touch on our favorite miniature game, Golem Arcana, discuss the recent success with Shadowrun: Hong Kong, and get deep with some cigar and whiskey talk. Truly an episode to be remembered.

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Also check out: Golem Arcana, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, and Battletech!

Little Bit of Bass: Gooey (Wild Culture Remix) – Glass Animals

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One thought on “Geek Cast Live S2E34: Plenty of Love: A Harebrained Tale”

  1. Hmm…I don’t use one, but I would’ve thought a CPAP would enhance the sexiness of all manner of ‘relations’. 🙂 Great dissection of the Apple event. I’m not an not a huge Apple fan, but nor am I a detractor of them, but I work two AppleJacks and they can never wait to start whackin’ it over all things Apple. It was refreshing to hear both sides of the coin about new products. Also, I have to agree with Mitch, watch just about anything you can get your hands on of Bogart, especially, Falcon, Casa, and Big Sleep. I’d throw in as a must see, African Queen. There’s great behind-the-scenes stories on that one too. Bogie is BA. Nice show, fellas. 🙂

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