Geek Cast Live S3EP18 : Avatar, a poor mans Shelley Long

imageThis week we are joined by Movie Podcast Weeklys Jason Pyles and release our Bakers Rushmore of movies.  We argue about favorites, we argue about alcohol, and we argue about how drunk is to drunk to podcast.  In short we take things as serious as any other week.

Bit o’ Bass: Barns Courtney – Hands

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ASAP from NY, Dan the Man from Chicago, Vikram aka Addam aka Lil’ Squire from the Hood from Narnia, and Gomez, son of Gomez, from Chicago.

12 thoughts on “Geek Cast Live S3EP18 : Avatar, a poor mans Shelley Long”

  1. Great title! (But let’s not forget how hot Kirstie Alley is — even with a little weight. … I still would.)

    This episode was some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a podcast. It’s at least in my baker’s Mt. Rushmore of good times podcasting. Thanks for inviting me.

    I can’t wait to see the GCL listenership set Ryan straight in these comments about “The Two Towers.” And until the day I die, I will never understand the dismissive underappreciation of “Avatar.” To discount James Cameron (The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, T2, Titanic, Avatar) is to disregard one of the greatest filmmakers who has ever lived.

      1. It’s always a feast for the ears and a festival for the soul when JP joins the program.

        Ry, your opinion on Two Towers is ‘tainted’ by your unnatural dismissal of Shawshank Redemption.

        Discounting ‘Avatar’ is no shot at the greatness of James Cameron. Even Steven Spielberg has his “Hook”. The inverse being that even shitsuckle M. Night Shamylan can find his dick in the dark on occassion and fluke his way into ‘The Sixth Sense”.

        1. I’m telling ya I have never understood the allure of Shawshank. I’ll admit I’m the outlier here and I’m willing to be swayed but for the life of me I’ve never seen what others see.

          Avatar was better when it was called Fern Gully. I dread the day J makes us do a consider the sequels style franchise review of Avatar and its six shitty sequels.

          *Puts Ponytail In Horses Ear And Gallops Away*

      2. I back you Ry. The Two Towers book was the best of the trilogy, but Fellowship was the best movie…. Less obvious over use of CGI and more acting…. Read Viggo’s complaints on the second and third films and is hard to watch them with the same love.

  2. GCHomies,

    Why do you all hate the cinema? The clear answer to the question that all these lists pose is Groundhog Day.

    Speakin’ of Bill Murray, my darkhorse pick is 1984’s The Razor’s Edge. I champion it to anyone I can. It’s Murray’s first shot at becoming the Murray we know and love today….the half-dramatic, half-comedic genius. And it’s a decent adaptation of the Maugham novel….way better than the old-school black and white talkie from 1946. I think there’s a story that Murray agreed to do Ghostbusters to get it greenlit. I discovered it in college and have dug it ever since.

    I love these two movies and watch them once a year to get my perspective on life re-aligned. Some good messages/themes in them.

    Great lists all around, fellas. Some of ya hit the nail on the head with your picks. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is my all-time favorite western….maybe even movie, regardless of genre. I’m about 1/4th through book 4 of the Dark Towers series, Joe, and, yeah, when I visualize Roland of Gilead, my mind goes straight to Blondie. Can’t help it.

    I think I want to change my vote from an earlier Twitter poll you guys took. My favorite host is now Cartoon Joe. No offense to you GCR, I still want my parents to adopt you so we could be brothers and my Pops to make us bunk beds (awesome idea Sal Roma), but Joey’s killin it lately with his wit. And throwing a Miyazaki film out there after speaking to my soul with Good, Bad, Ugly….that’s the balls, right there.

    The Sting is such an excellent pick. Where else in life do you get an excellent flick along with the Pavlovian response to crave ice cream on a stick. My good ole neighborhood ice cream truck pumped this tune through out the streets of the little armpit of Burbank, Nottingham Park, that I grew up in. ‘Nuff said there.

    Only mentioning Airplane! was criminal. That movie is un-beatable. How else does a young lad first learn about both delivery and timing?!?! This movie is a master class in both.

    Also, I’d be remiss without throwing The Breakfast Club out there. This one’s probably just on my personal BMR. I initially hated it and its seemingly endless airing on Fox 32 as a kid. I re-discovered it in college, probably drunk, and my brain and soul simultaneously opened up to accept the light in. Great flick.

    Nico – I think I hear you about old movies. Maybe you weren’t going exactly to this point, but here’s my thoughts. I try to get into oldies and supposed goldies, but sometimes shit just doesn’t hold up.

    Casablanca, on one hand, is one i believe does. We all know the lines at the end, but it’s the build-up and the exposition and the why those lines are delivered at the end that make them so great. The acting could be better, but man, I love the journey that movie takes me on. I equate it to the great line at the end of Gone W/the Wind. We all know it, but why does he say it? Getting to that point is a bit tedious at times, but once you see what homeboy’s been through, and the fire’s a-ragin’ all around them, it’s a great cap to that movie. Quite a bit of racism and sexism make parts of that epic a bit intolerable at times. I’m sure there’s some other -isms that I’m forgetting.

    Others, however, don’t hold up for me. Alot of old John Wayne. Probably most John Ford movies. I know the re-makieness of Hollywood these days is tiresome, but there are definitely some great oldies out there that could stand to be remade with modern production and acting.

    Anyway, been busy with life and what-not, but it’s good to get back to you all. Always great to hear The Producer show up to peddle his thoughts on flicks. Great show, fellas!!!

    PS – Oh, I can vouch for The Producer’s picks of Sorceror and Fitzcarraldo. After he poured his heart out over these two on MPW back whenever, I began my search for them. Sorcerer was findable….and a fun flick. It’s a crazy wild ride and that scene he’s talking about on the bridge will make you shit your pants. Fitzcarraldo was an epic nightmare of Tolkien proportions to find, but once I did, it was good. Now it’s Amazon, you all should watch it. I wouldn’t put either of these on my lists, but I was not disappointed after hearing The Producer whack it over them. JP, you’re the cat’s pajamas!! 🙂

  3. GCR,

    You had me with Avatar and Gravity for over rated movie ever I can’t stand either of those movies…. BUT you are totally wrong with the Shawshank it is one of the best movies ever made! It is very re-watchable and the best quotes ” Get busy living or get busy dying” and “You know, the funny thing is, on the outside, I was an honest man, straight as an arrow. I had to come to prison to be a crook.”

    I really think you have to rewatch it and give it a fair review!

    Thank you
    Mario (LOON) Leon

  4. I’ve got to back Rob on his honorable mention of Bunraku, which is what immediately came to my mind when thinking about dark horses….like most of the movies I like it was slated, but I still recommend it, if only for the prison breakout scene.

    Another dark horse worth mentioning is Franklyn(2008), which I can’t even explain without spoiling, so just go watch it. If nothing else it has Eva Green in it who can do no wrong in my eyes.

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