Geek Cast Live S3EP17 : Hot Wok China Buffet #12

imageIn this weeks episode we dive into the world of Nitpickery during the Do/Review. Then just when all hope seems lost we are pulled back into reality with an in depth break down of Caps Civil War care of Alexander Yarde.  Underoos have never looked so good.

Bit o’ Bass: Fox Stevenson – Radar

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ASAP from NY, Dan the Man from Chicago, Vikram aka Addam aka Lil’ Squire from the Hood from Narnia, and Gomez, son of Gomez, from Chicago.

2 thoughts on “Geek Cast Live S3EP17 : Hot Wok China Buffet #12”

  1. Hello Geekcast,

    Thank you for an entertaining podcast as I found myself laughing with you guys and it reminded me of when I would have conversations with my buddies in the Marine Corp and how we all just spoke our minds.

    Loved the rules of eating at a Chinese restaurant where you don’t go if it says “Empire” “New York” or “King” that was simply brilliant and will be such an eye opener for me from now on!

    I also liked the nit picking of Star Wars and will have to rewatch it for all the items you mentioned in the movie. However the best for me was ” Seven words that turn you into a psycho path” Looking forward to seeing that list!

    Loved to hear what you guys are geeking out on this week and ” I am Thalente” Is one that I look forward to watching soon.

    As for me I am geeking out on: The Preacher comics and I am looking forward to seeing the TV show this weekend on AMC. If the show is half as good as the comic it will be a sure fire great show.

    I came here based on the recommendation of Karl from MPW and glad to give you guys a second chance you may curse like sailors but you guys do make great observations. I look forward to hearing more in your next podcast.

    Mario (LOON) Leon

  2. Welcome, Mario! We curse like sailors, but we we’d love to curse like infantry, airmen, or Marines. Semper Fi, and thank you for your service and for listening to our show…I knew Karl was good for something.

    I am intrigued by ‘Preacher’…didn’t know anything about it previously but the tv show trailers are edgy and intriguing. Keep us posted on that.

    Definitely check out the link to the Cinema Sins on YouTube for said Star Wars nitpicking (it is about 17 minutes and well worth it), then be sure to check out this week’s “movies” episode—featuring none other than MPW’s Jason Pyles—for some more Star Wars fun. Uh, ‘spoiler alert’…I guess?


    Geekcast Nic

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