Geek Cast Live Ep027: The Ballad of Party Leaderboard:You Will Be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile

Untitled_artworkThe Geek Cast Crew minus Rob Bass* plus our special guest host Nic interview another Kickstarter beauty, Party Leaderboard.  We decide the superiority of “social” games and talk to the creators of your next party app: Party Leaderboard. You can support them on Kickstarter here. We found out these guys can make dreams come true and even create life…as long as it’s virtual.

*Not Actually Rob Bass

If you didn’t click the link above, here it is again: Party Leaderboard
Check out Matt and Calvin’s Genetic Sandbox project here.
And be sure to download their other app Pregame Charades here for iPhone and here for Android

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And definitely check out Death Wish Coffee because it’ll make a man of you

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