Special Features 001: 15 Movies That Even You Cinephiles Probably Haven’t Seen (But Should)

Movie Podcast Network Special Features Ep. 001

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— Meet your hosts
— Random stats about Movie Podcast Network
— Agenda for this episode
— Determining the relative “obscurity” of our film picks
— IMDb closes its message boards


[ 0:11:10 ] Jay of the Dead: The Corpse of Anna Fritz (2015)
Number of IMDb ratings: 2,005

[ 0:19:12 ] Joel Robertson: The Making of “And God Spoke” (1993)
Number of IMDb ratings: 775

[ 0:28:19 ] Joshua Ligairi: Moana With Sound (1926)
Number of IMDb ratings: 328
— and —
Tabu: A Story of the South Seas (1931)
Number of IMDb ratings: 3,560

[ 0:41:21 ] Mattroid: Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)
Number of IMDb ratings: 4,852

[ 0:48:39 ] Geek Cast Ry: I Melt With You (2011)
Number of IMDb ratings: 5,158

Network show descriptions for the uninitiated:
Movie Podcast.Network
Geek Cast Live Podcast
The Sci-Fi Podcast


[ 1:00:17 ] Jason: Jackson County Jail (1976)
Number of IMDb ratings: 656

[ 1:10:48 ] Joel Robertson: LolliLove (2004)
Number of IMDb ratings: 1,225

[ 1:18:46 ] Joshua Ligairi: Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation (1989)
Number of IMDb ratings: 474
— and —
Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (2015)
Number of IMDb ratings: 1,095

[ 1:24:31 ] Mattroid: Timer (2009)
Number of IMDb ratings: 10,778

[ 1:34:14 ] Geek Cast Ry: The Aristocrats (2005)
Number of IMDb ratings: 15,164

Network show descriptions for the uninitiated:
Movie Podcast Weekly
Movie Stream Cast
Retro Movie Geek


[ 1:47:43 ] Jason: Felidae (1994)
Number of IMDb ratings: 2,744

[ 1:56:20 ] Joel Robertson: The Stepfather (1987)
Number of IMDb ratings: 9,457

[ 2:12:45 ] Joshua Ligairi: The Beaver Trilogy (2000)
Number of IMDb ratings: 404
— and —
Beaver Trilogy Part IV (2015)
Number of IMDb ratings: 88

[ 2:38:44 ] Mattroid: Deep Star Six (1989)
Number of IMDb ratings: 7,337

[ 2:51:01 ] Geek Cast Ry: 44-Inch Chest (2009)
Number of IMDb ratings: 5,977

Network show descriptions for the uninitiated:
Universal Monsters Cast
Horror Movie Podcast

IV. Wrap-Up / Ending


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As discussed during Josh’s “Beaver Trilogy” reviews, you can find filmmaker Trent Harris’s website here at EchoCave.net.

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