Geek Cast Live S3E2: 12 Little Bottles Jumping On The Bed


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This week the Geek Cast crew come together and jump in feet first. We give our new segment, The Do Review, our first crack and discuss the mental illness of Vince McMahon. Following our in depth discussion, we are joined by one of the founders of 12 Bottle Bar. If you haven’t given them a look yet, be sure to. Everyone wants a bar in their home. Everyone. It’s science.

Bass And Bananas: Skrillex – Strangers (Skrillex Remix with Tennyson & White Sea)

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ASAP from NY, Dan the Man from Chicago, Vikram aka Addam aka Lil’ Squire from the Hood from Narnia, and Gomez, son of Gomez, from Chicago.

4 thoughts on “Geek Cast Live S3E2: 12 Little Bottles Jumping On The Bed”

  1. Whammy! I got drunk listening to this epidsode. Not while listening, mind you, just listening to it I got drunk. 🙂

    On the half-days before TurkeyDay and XMas Eve, a couple of us around the office here take part in our Shhh…Holiday Cheer Festivities. It’s our way of celebrating being at work on BS days where nothing’s happening and enjoying the holidays together.

    My contribution has been vodka, OJ and RedBull. The Bro-mosa. Not super creative, but it gets the job done. 🙂

    Great episode, fellas.

    1. Gomez, I, Rob Bass, would like to personally thank you from introducing me to the Bro-mosa. This weekend will be a long, and questionable, venture filled with this brutally college drink. For that, I will forever appreciate you.

      1. Ha! You got it homie. Yeah, it is a super-college-bro drink. The only thing to add would be a shot of Jager. Oooff…I shudder at some of the shit I used to drink. Although I did just tweet-endorse an alcoholic rootbeer…maybe my tastes still have some maturing to do. 🙂 Anyway, the Bro-mosa works at 9-10 in the mornin in an office setting and I hope it works well for any of your early mornin endeavors. 🙂

  2. To the Geeks that keep me entertained every week with you madness. i write you today, not as a douche, but a concerned wrestling fan.

    i listen to severalreferences you have made to wrestling, this is the episode that has finally made me initiate a conversation to my truck radio.

    since this episode made me appear insane to fellow drivers on the road, i must correct what irked me.

    i feel the best way todo this is list what is said, an what is truth.

    PLEASE, keep in mind. this is not being anything else but a fact fiend of pro-wrestling.

    Let us take this journey together:

    1. “Summerslam where hogan turned heel”
    – Hogan turned heel at Bash at the Beach . which wasa ppv for a wrestling company known at WCW.

    2. “that was when it was WWE already”
    – That Bash at the Beach was 1996. WWF change to WWE in 2002

    3. Farooq (ron simmons) was a member of Nation of Domination

    4. Nation’s locker room sprayed painted by canadians
    – this is close. this was sprayed painted by DX to frame the canadians (Known as the Hart Foundation)

    5. To save the WWE slightly, Razor Ramon was Scott Hall’s idea for himself. Vince wanted him to be a cowboy.

    6. The “shills” as you called it?
    – granted they were odd, messed up charaters but they were not truly considered to be top performers. a majority of them were there for entertinment purposes. on the same token, few of those messed up charatcers played what they did for aliving before they wrestled. the garbage man, the tax man, the repo guy.

    7. Disco Inferno

    8. good guys
    -baby faces

    these are the things that gets me talking to a radio.

    beyond all this, your show is amazing and i love how t makes me interact with the conversation.

    Do me a favor, when you start talking wrestling again, give Travis-T a call

    these are the things i am

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