Geek Cast Live S3E14: Attack Of The Alliterations & The Northern Reindeer Star

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This week the Geek Cast crew come together on a sacred day for some. We talk about edibles, Ryan makes brownies powerful to knock out a black rhino, and we discuss the trailers for Doctor Strange and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In our main segment we are joined with the hosts of Missing Maura Murray. We talk about their show, their passion for mystery, and most importantly Maura Murray.

Do Review: Doctor Strange, Rogue One

Bass of Woes: Prince – Rock & Rock Love Affair (Jamie Lewis Club Remix)

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One thought on “Geek Cast Live S3E14: Attack Of The Alliterations & The Northern Reindeer Star”

  1. Chock full of quotable lines from this one. My favorite:

    “Are we just taking liberties with consonants?”

    Lance Reindeer Star and Tim Pilleri were quite possibly the greatest guests you’ve ever had on the show, and I hope you have them both on again soon. Definitely interested in checking out their Missing Maura Murray podcast now. Thanks.

    “And you can find me in the night sky…”

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