Geek Cast Live S3E12: Return of the Banderbanter & The Possession of Ry


This week the Geek Cast crew reunite to talk about a little bit of everything! We kick off our Do Review with the study of a fowl murderer. Bass fades into the nether, and possesses Ry. Nic tries to once again defend Batman vs Superman, and Joe started hula hooping. Good for you, Joe.

Little Bit of Nastiness: Scroobius Pip – Introdiction

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ASAP from NY, Dan the Man from Chicago, Vikram aka Addam aka Lil’ Squire from the Hood from Narnia, and Gomez, son of Gomez, from Chicago.

18 thoughts on “Geek Cast Live S3E12: Return of the Banderbanter & The Possession of Ry”

  1. I dont know what was better, Joe’s better than average RussiaBass…or Ry’s Mr.BillBass.

    That’s my suggestion for any show you guys dont have a guest to interview. In the beginning, you all roll your 20-sided dice. Whoever rolls highest or lowest or whatever has to sit out and only be included in the show by having the others read his comments in whatever insane voices they can come up with.

    High pitched ‘Im back on my Marvel grind’ had me peeing. Sorry, lower level Metra riders. 🙂

    Great episode, fellas 🙂

  2. Lower level Metra riders deserve no mercy. And I agree: Ryan identifying Robb being ‘back’ on his current ‘grind’ is one of my favorite bits of all time…

  3. “Can’t wait to see Buffalo Crackerdong as Dr. Strange.”


    “Rinkydink Curdlesnoot.”

    “Who’s that?”

    “Billyray Cummerbund… he was Sherlock Holmes on Sherlock.”

    “Oh… you mean Bonaparte Cumbersnatch.”

    “Right, Blenderdick Cumbersome.”

  4. Nico – I believe you mentioned a few episodes ago that your computing config is tablet-only. I’m thinking of making a similar switch sometime this year, so I’m researching different ways to accomplish certain tasks to see if it’ll work for me.

    Just wondering how it’s worked out for you so far. Have you run into any roadblocks?

    1. Dino I do most everything on my iPad Pro. The I unreal issue I’ve had is that some sites just don’t config very well to mobile making their usage pretty fucking wonky. Other than that I’ve found that most everything either has an app or has a workaround. There are also some good apps out there for remote usage of a pc from your tablet if you need to perform a rare function the tablet cannot.

      1. Thanks for the info, Ry. I’m really hoping to simplify things and just go all iOS, so not even remote accessing a proper computer. We’ll see how it goes.

    2. Dino-

      I do still technically have a laptop, but it because some of my company software is archaic and doesn’t mesh with iOS. But 95% of everything I do is through my iPhone/iPad. It accesses my secure VPN just fine. There is always the hiccup of MS Office files, but there are apps now to enable and convert them. Hope to welcome you soon to the portable world…

  5. I’m not going to fully re-open the Batman v Superman can, but I wanted to address the Doomsday final battle. Whether or not it was the right choice to use Doomsday in this film, I don’t know. However, I think the fight itself was better than the amount of shit it’s been given. First off, I will say that it definitely was marred by a certain level of CGI weightlessness. That said, I think it was better than any of the fight sequences in Man of Steel, and it showed three things in particular that I really appreciated:

    1. It showed exactly what Batman faces as a mortal fighting among gods. He spent nearly the entire fight serving as a diversion, running for his life (at times, clumsily) and hiding from Doomsday’s attacks. This is the first time, I think, that we’ve seen Batman portrayed this way in a movie (granted, it’s the first time we’ve seen him face an otherwordly power).

    2. It showed how superhuman Wonder Woman really is. She was essentially as powerful as Superman, and seemingly more battle-tested. Which leads to #3…

    3. It showed that Superman still isn’t the boring all-powerful, invincible being he has been portrayed as in the past. This Superman is flawed, which may rub some people the wrong way. I happen to like it, though.

    Ry, I’m right there with you on the overall rating. I give it an 8/10.

    1. I also agree that Affleck is the best Batman, but I’m not as huge a fan of Keaton. As for Bale, I think he gets a huge bump in people’s Batman ratings simply because he was Batman in the three best Batman films (three best superhero movies, period, in my opinion).

      That said, I put Bale just behind The Fleck, by a chin.

      1. Ha! Din-ster, I’m jealous…wish I woulda typed that last line myself. (Although I’ll say Keaton does it for me. I think part nostalgia, he the first Batman that was Mine. But also I really thought and continue to think it was a bit of genius casting for the ‘holy poo…I never expected that guy to be Batsy’.

        1. Thanks. Low-hanging fruit, couldn’t resist.

          I hear you on Keaton. I still think he was a great Batman. Just, for me, Bale better fits my imagined visage of Bruce Wayne/Batman… and, like I said, he gets a huge boost by being in my favorite Batman films.

    2. Doomsday is obv a huge character in the Superman storyline, but I don’t really care about him. I’m fine with him having been used and pretty much discarded in a short amount of time. I do have to voice some disagreeance (can I make that word up?) with, I think a comment that RBass had while he was contributing from the nether-regions of the podverse. He said something to the effect of ‘Brainiac could’ve been used as the quick-and-dirty, placeholder villian to have something to bring together Batsy, Supes and WW to fight’. Oh man, if DCEU does decide to ever use Brainiac, I hope it’s not in the capacity. I’d expect a huge storyline if they brought out the B-ster.

    3. Agreed….I didn’t know Wonder Woman was that hardcore, and I like the darker/flawed Superman. Should make Justice League less predictable.

    1. Wow….

      Inventive for sure and at times funny enough.

      But go all in….have her get attacked by a zombie and make her think she’s turning.

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