Geek Cast Live S2E36: Ry’s A Time Lord, And This Episode Suffers Because Of It


This week, we uncover a fabrication that could unravel this to revel that nasty, gritty truth. Ryan is a Great Value Time Lord. This week the Geek Cast crew reunite with the geek authority over at The Good Men Project, Alex Yarde! Stand back, ladies and gentlemen, this one gets eclectic. Also, Joe wanted to tell you all, if you would so kindly quit peanut buttering the cats, that would be grand. Enjoy.

Accidental Bass: Shameboy – Strobot (Netsky Remix)

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4 thoughts on “Geek Cast Live S2E36: Ry’s A Time Lord, And This Episode Suffers Because Of It”

  1. Great show guys. That dude Alex was a riot! Hearing that he was drunk in the beginning had me wondering if you guys had ever done a drunk show. Have a couple, start the show, bring on the guest, have him or her be lit up and let hilarity ensue. Could be a blast.

    The Moose Lodge in Charleston, IL has this dope bar. It’s really just a shitty old bar, but it’s sunken into the ground a bit, so when you’re sitting at the bar, you’re on this different level than everything else around….and I’ve had a grundle of drunken adventures there. Anyway, my idea was to host a late night talk show there. I’d be the host, and the bartender Kimmy would by my Ed McMahon and the regular cast of characters that showed up would provide some color. So it’d be me and, say, Jack Nicholson, blasted on gin and tonics and shots of Jameson, talking about his turn as Jack Napier. I’d call it ‘After Dark at the Moose’. I think it’d be a riot.

    It sounds like at that hedonism party you all went to, you shoulda busted out the CPAPs and gotten down to business. You mighta missed out on a golden opportunity.

    I need advice on how to get into Dr. Who. I’ve always thought it would be right up my alley, but when saw on Hulu that there’s nothing short of 93 seasons available, the laziness in me swelled up something fierce. So is there a modern-era season I should start with, or do I need to go right to the beginning?

    Also, the ‘Attack on Titan’ movies are playing at the Music Box in Chicago and I wanted to get your guys’ opinions on if they’ll be any good or not.

    If anyone has some time for these Q’s, cool…but if not, no worries. 🙂


    1. Gomez98,

      Cartoon Joe here! When it comes to Doctor Who, there are two eras: Classic and NuWho. Don’t get me wrong, classic is amazing and definitely worth pursuing; however, if you’re wanting to catch up so that you can watch current, I’d start with Series 1 of the new stuff. Christopher Eccleston is the Doctor and the first episode is titled “Rose.” It’s a very, very slow start and honestly may take at least 5 episodes to get into, but it’s sooo worth it!

      If you get discouraged or bored, skip ahead to series 3, episode 10 entitled “Blink.” It’s an amazing standalone episode and will help you get excited about where things are headed when series 1 is slow.

      Of course, there are always going to be inside jokes and homages to the classic stuff that you won’t get without having seen the classic stuff, but by and large Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat do a great job of telling the story that one can jump into at any time.

      If you have anymore Who related questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


      PS while I enjoy cartoons immensely and would be happy to draw my co-hosts into an discussion on them, the nickname comes from my season 1 avatar which was an illustrated portrait of uncanny accuracy to my face IRL. Shalom!

      1. Joe

        Sweet! Thanks for the info on DW. I’ll def start with season 1 of the new and, if I’m ever feeling ambitious, go back to the classic Who. 🙂


  2. Oh yeah….I’d love to hear you guys do a beer segment. Octoberfests….that’s what I’ve been geekin on. Love ’em. Can’t get enough of ’em. So far, Sierra Nevada, Two Brothers, and anything from a brewery that originated in the Motherland….Hacker Pschorr, Paulaner, Ayinger….all great. Surprisingly, I wasn’t blown away by the Great Lakes one. It was drinkable, but with all the other good ones out there, this dropped to the bottom of the list. Anyway, thought you fellas would do a great beer segment, if you were so inclined. Later.

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